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Princess Butt Plugs

While the standard butt plug may seem drab and utilitarian at first glance, there’s a wide array of styles and features to enhance the basic butt plug design, and every butt plug user, from the novice to the connoisseur can find an anal prinecess plug that will vibrate, ejaculate, and do everything short of cleaning the cat box. Here’s a small sampling of anal plug variations that can spice up your anal sensations and liven up plug play. https://plugjoy.com/butt-plugs/princess/

Vibrating Princess butt plugs

provide sparkle to any butt plug session, allowing the user to control the speed and intensity of the vibration. These priness butt plugs are flared at the base, just like your standard issue butt plug, so there’s no danger of the butt plug becoming trapped in your rectum. Vibrating anal plugs are typically made from silicone or a jelly-like rubber, and they’re ideal toys for p-spot stimulation. The butt plug’s tip provides the vibration right on the prostate, giving you a butt plug that’s perfect for triggering an intense p-spot orgasm. Just find the butt plug vibration settings that are most pleasurable to you, lube up, relax, and enjoy.


Princess butt plugs with staggered, circular bulges that mimic the action of anal beads can be great fun for both anal training and for butt plug enjoyment with a partner. If you’re new to butt plug or anal play, the butt plug’s graduated bulges allow you to work up to your anal comfort level at a slow and steady pace. When the butt plug’s used with a partner in mind, the partner can rotate and otherwise manipulate the butt plug to ratchet up the erotic tension level and get the butt plug to aggressively service the rectum’s pleasure centers. This type of butt plug play is an excellent precursor to anal sex, allowing both partners to get hot, bothered, and aroused during the butt plug action.

For butt plug enthusiasts into the furry and/or pony play scene, there are a variety of anal plugs with hair attached to the flared base that allow the butt plug to give you the tail of your dreams. Not only does the wearer receive the anal stimulation that the butt plug excels at delivering, but this type of butt plug adds spice and a new layer of realism to the fetish experience for a good butt plug time to be had by all.

Ejaculating princess butt plugs

are a good bet for the user who wants an added layer of sensation during anal play. Ejaculating butt plugs have a tube running through the butt plug which is connected to a bulb at its end. The butt plug wearer simply fills the bulb with water, or any other fluid that tickles their fancy, and squeezes the bulb when they’re ready for the butt plug to work its ejaculatory magic. This type of butt plug can be tricky and cumbersome. This butt plug is not a hands-free proposition and the butt plug’s wearer will want to be sure that the bulb is easy to squeeze and can readily shoot its contents down the length of the tube; using this type of butt plug shouldn’t require Herculean strength.

For jaded priness butt plug users or butt plug fans who simply want to expand their boudoir arsenal, the rich variety of butt plugs offers something to tickle the fancy of any fan of butt plug play. Explore, experiment, and have fun with the anal pleasures of the butt plug.

Phone Sex Uk

Looking For A Phone Sex Job?

In the UK phone sex work is well paid, with the added bonus being that you can work from home anonymously. If you are busy and living a lifestyle in which working full time outside the house does not allow being a phone sex host could be a great choice for you. Check out this up and coming sexy and classy adult phone call business https://www.phonenumberonline.co.uk/  With the world is a constantly changing dynamic world, the surge of men calling adult chat lines has dramatically increased in the past two years.

Many women love the extra income and it can be a great alternative for ladies wanting to stay at home rather than seek employment outside of the house. Surprisingly 77% of women interviewed report they love being an adult chat host and also report they find it erotic and a massive turn on. It is totally anonymous and no one will ever know your real name.

The United Kingdom is often thought of as the call center entertainment hub of the world. More calls are placed per population to phone sex businesses than any other country in the world. So if you are a lady looking for easy telephone work this job may be for you.

You will be expected to be hot and erotic over your calls. Strict telephone manners are required when performing this type of work as well as high customer care.

How To Find A Phone Sex Job

If you think this might be the job for you simply do a google search and look up the most classy and erotic telephone sex business you can find online. Give them a call and tell them your situation. Most companies are always looking for extra women to service there calls and if you are serious about being a sexy, errotic call host it should not be hard to find a position. The UK has so many businesses offering this service it really comes down to who is going to pay you best. Most phone sex companies charge clients between 1-2 pounds per minute and your income per minute should be about half of what the company charges. With nearly all live adult telephone chat providers offering credit card options for billing it really does provide a great platform to earn extra money. Credit card billing is where most operators make a good deal of money as most business charge the credit card service in minimum 20-minute blocks.